I fear for my husband, I fear for my family.  I do believe that my virgin attempt at One Room Challenge has me hooked.   The ebb and flow of a quick run makeover is buoyed by the knowledge you are in the company of hundreds of amazing designers.  I imagine we all feel a little bit like we are about to introduce the world to our baby today.

A quick recap for those who’ve just joined me today.  My little family of four just moved from San Diego to the Boston area this summer.  We started Week 1 of the ORC living in my parents basement, designing for a room in a house we’ve never lived in.  Our 1890 Victorian has been mildly renovated since its purchase in June.  We’ve since moved in, fallen in love with the old bones and bright light of this home and happily my hubby and I now have what I’d like to think of as our first real grown-up bedroom.  More on the background of the move and this room conception on Week 1.

We replaced the floors in the whole home, including our bedroom, with wide plank French Oak.  The old radiators have been removed, and baseboards fixed where needed.

So without further delay, meet my baby…. our brand new Master Bedroom in our very old house.

The Feature Wall
The feature wall has a few key moments that are equally dramatic in their own right. The wallpaper is obviously the strongest player. In week 1 I talked about wimping out from my first choice of Otomi wallpaper that was teal. I am so happy I changed my mind to a choice that includes my favorite color, charcoal. This wallpaper feels so fresh and right now to me but also whispers of the house’s original era in which it would have been covered in intricate wallpaper. I’ve decided to subtly play up the stripe of the wallpaper pattern in the curtains and toss pillow.

We love these Roman Shades for both looks and utility. You can find both my husband and my son playing with their stealth retraction feature. They are simple, yet the stripe gives a character to them so they don’t just disappear next to the wallpaper.

The Bed & Chandelier
Before we even bought the house or commenced design ideas I knew this bed would be a part of the equation. I have no less than a million pins of variations of this bed styled on pinterest. It just feels so intimate despite its large scale, and creates the perfect cocoon when our twinsies hop into bed in the morning.

The drama of the bed had me second guessing even installing a chandelier. The original light box in the room was central in the room directly where the end of the bed frame was. When my resourceful husband said he could move the light without issue I jumped at the chance of adding the “jewelery”. I think this light is a little more of a nod to my boho Cali-girl side than the rest of the room.

The Side Tables
To give the room a little extra layer of interest I had intended to add some blue to the room. These tables are the perfect inky blue. Unfortunately, I had matched them to a velvet chair that has been backordered, so that blue element of my room has receded from the final vibe here.

The perfect compliment to the “tree-house” view outside, the lights on the tables allow window light to continue into the room.

Chunky Blanket
You might notice my photos are being presented a little schizophrenic, some having the blanket displayed, and others bare. I couldn’t decide! I love the bed clean and white but also with the scrumptious blanket you’ll find me under all winter long.

I’ve intentionally edited myself with color and elements on the other walls of the room. The main wall brings such a strong energy, there’s a peace on the eyes when you look around in other directions.

Here’s the sad truth. At some point, my tv is coming back in this room. Yes, I am of the watch girly-terrible-reality-tv-all-night-long instead of sleeping camp. This is possibly where the tv will land so while I love this dressers pretty little moment right now, its likely to host my television at some point. Or I’ll take up reading again. In which case, isn’t this a lovely mirror, and hodge podge of treasures from the Paris flea market?

Seating Nook
This chair is meant to be temporarily borrowed from mom while we await my custom ordered chair, but I’ve fallen for this one turning the spot into a neutral corner in the room.

Last Minute Additions
Once I moved into the house, design ideas became real and functional. I added a bench for putting on shoes, and included the small dressing area in the make-over. I’ve had the large portrait of Grace Kelly in my last 3 houses and she’s still one of my favorite parts of the room.

The vanity area was painted a charcoal on the walls to pick up the color in the Chenoceau wallpaper.

That’s it! Our bedroom! I’ll continue to layer and change this room, but right now in this moment, the room feels like a gift I cant wait to open and enjoy. If you’d like to join in on the transformation of my entire home please follow along on IG.

Thank you to Linda at One Room Challenge and sponsor, House Beautiful, for creating this unique opportunity!  I’ve already found myself lost in the amazing transformations of the featured designers. Tomorrow I cant wait to explore my fellow guest participants transformations!

<thank you to Home Dwelling for the beautiful photos!>

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