Three years ago on July 1st I left a really beautiful life behind in San Diego. My mom used to refer to that space in my life as “our Camelot”. I had a thriving 12-year old wedding planning business, a beloved historic house sitting on a hill above the city, THE best friends, and an amazing town filled with good food and a full life. We walked away from it all.

To start brand new. In a state and town my husband and I had never lived. Our fixer-upper Victorian in South Shore Boston + the beacon of light that was my family calling me home and a quiet but strong whisper to change career paths…pushed the current forward.

I’ve truly never looked back with regret, but I’d lie if I didn’t tell you I was afraid to walk away from something good. But the crazy thing about taking leaps, I found something even better when I landed. And now three years later I am celebrating that old fixer upper in the pages of this months Better Homes & Gardens, a business that makes my heart go pitter pat, and a life where I can toast these moments in person with my family.

So, page 72 of the July issue of BHG. I am still freaking out.

photography: Joyelle West

Better Homes & Gardens