Aug 27, 2021

Hello, Nantucket!

Nantucket, you had me at at ‘Hello’:
A Designer’s Island Inspiration Paradise

This summer, I returned from Nantucket with a renewed design spirit—yes, design spirit.  Nantucket is one of my favorite places to grab nuggets of coastal inspiration for my interior styling.  Each trip my husband and I pull a design gem out to bring home us, and our most recent getaway was no exception.  Keep scrolling to find out what it was that called out to us this trip, in hopes it inspires you to wash ashore.

Our very first trip years back, we fell in love with Nantucket Green high gloss paint incorporated throughout the island.  This is on our list to use in a moody-chic office in a future home.  The second visit, we spied a little shop that had redone its hardwood floors in a high gloss white epoxy.  We hope to experiment with this look in a future bathroom.  Next, it was the quintessential weathered-shingled sprawling estates and blue hydrangeas that served up lasting inspo.  (Okay current seaside rental, I am looking at you!  Please let me stay so I can plant the big, bold, beautiful hydrangeas you’re begging for!). 

So what did we love this trip?

What didn’t we love this trip?!  The unexpected, charmful oddities of perfect nook-and-cranny styling.  As we typically do, we enjoy sampling the new boutique hotels, a different drop spot on each trip.  I find endless inspiration wandering the hallways of these little hotel homes where every nook-and-cranny is tricked out with the coolest details: an odd light hanging from a corner to create a moment; a hallway with spectacular art + wood moulding that make it feel like a room itself; or an otherwise forgettable space layered to perfection.  And just like that, OUT with my light & bright modern minimalist taste and IN with all things funky.  My style takeaways for the next home include:

  • Maximize space with great logistic planning 
  • Create moments where they wouldn’t otherwise exist
  • Craft thoughtful details everywhere
  • Mix whimsical/light-hearted visuals with posh finishes
  • Create an outdoor courtyard for exploration, sitting, and sipping

My post-trip shopping list for a dreamy courtyard at home

Don’t worry, I’m sharing all my finds with you! Check out my collection on SideDoor!

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