Dec 2, 2019

Home Tour: Parade of Trees

Welcome to the King of Christmas Parade of Trees Blog Tour!  Thank-you for joining me after viewing Rachel’s magical tree at Cherry Street Blossoms. You’ve landed yourself in my old Victorian home just outside of Boston.   Come take a peek at my first ever fake tree, and find out why I am now a convert. 

I’ve been longing for a flocked tree.   As a designer, the wintery blank slate of a flocked tree is a perfect inspiration to showcase a color palette.  This very tree inspired my whole holiday theme.  I love pastel versions of xmas mixed with white as an alternative to the typical red and green.  I’ve taken blush, mint & white, with a pop of a peachy apricot and repeated this theme throughout our home. 

The Tree is the 7ft Prince Flock from King of Christmas, linked here.  Lucky readers can get a 10% discount with code: PALMANDPREP

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Lights:  Lights always come first.  My husband is a firm believer of the quandrant method.  Rather than wrapping the strand all the way around the tree he weaves the lights in ¼ lengthwise quadrants.  This allows much better control of dispersing the lights evenly, not to mention way easier logistically than circling a large tree. 

Large Ornaments:  Next up, I work in my largest ornaments selected in the color I’d like to dominate for the color theme.  For our wintery tree, I chose mint.  

Theme Garland:   I am a Cali girl who somehow, someway, always works a little boho into my world.  This Christmas I am repeating a natural wood beaded tassel garland into the tree, mantle, and stairway banister.  

Ribbon Garland:  I love adding different textures to the tree. I’ve chosen a web-like silver and a wire-edged peach.  Both are easy to mold into the desired shape.  I’ve adopted the “Ribbon Trick.”  I cut ribbons into 3-4 ft strips, and work each smaller ribbon strip into the tree independently.  Each strip makes about 2 “loops” that peak out of the branches. 

Medium Ornaments: Secondary colored ornaments are added in white and blush. 

Object/Sculptural Accent Ornaments:  Last, I like to add some fun shapes and textures.  Blush birds with long feathers, homemade confetti filled glass discs, stars, and other fun elements are sprinkled last. 

I loved this tree so much I could not decide what room would be the final resting place.  I’ve styled the tree in both my dining room and our little family room.   Ultimately we love looking at the fireplace AND the tree in our most used space.  I’ve paired the styling vibe of the tree with our mantle, carrying those similar elements through both. Now we have a dreamy pastel-y room to cozy up by the fire and the glow of our snowy tree.

Thank-you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy all of the other beautiful trees on the tour.  Next up, head on over to the darling Lantern Lane Designs.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Jenny, your home is absolutely gorgeous. I just knew I’d love your tree! The color palette you chose is so pretty with the flocking. I like how you coordinated the ribbons on the packages below it. Swooning over your mantel, too. xo

  2. Jenny says:

    Your tree is so beautiful! I am in love with that soft color scheme (and you have blown my mind with quadrant tree lighting – what have I been doing all these years haha!)

  3. Mansa says:

    I love the soft colors in your tree! The color palette is just gorgeous Jenny!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I’ve always admired your home and style and I really love it decorated for Christmas! That mantel is a show stopper. And I mean do I even need to mention the tree. Gorgeous!!!