"Your vision for our wedding was even more beautiful when it became a reality.


Right from our first meeting I knew you would be the person who could take my vision and bring it to life. I knew you “got us” and could see what we wanted. What I didn’t expect was that it would be 100x’s more dreamy, beautiful, detailed, polished, and perfect than our imagination had created. All I wanted to do was freeze time so
that we could just hang out for hours and live in all the spaces you created, and really soak up every detail you had perfectly placed in every nook & cranny. I feel so fortunate to have the pictures to remember it all by, I am going to make an album just of all the portrait shots of your work. More than anything know how grateful we both are that you chose us. You stuck by us through thick and thin, and we are forever indebted to you. You are a special person with so much talent. You have all of our appreciation.

I contacted Jenny when I needed help restyling my guest and master bedrooms. I found her through San Diego Magazine and a spread she did for the holidays featuring her home. I loved her unique fusion of styles, East coast traditionalism with a bohemian, Southern California vibe. Working with Jenny on my project was incredibly seamless and so much fun. Her passion for interior design is infectious! Upon our first meeting, she was immediately able to grasp the style of my home and articulate a clear design vision for my bedrooms. She was incredibly responsive in her emails and worked diligently within my short timeline to deliver beautiful ideas and sourcing. She went above and beyond in answering my emails and helping me throughout the redesign entire process. I truly felt like I was working with a good friend on this project who understood me as a person, not just someone decorating my space. Her passion for my project and my ideas, coupled with her own, truly helped make my bedrooms beautiful. I look forward to working with her on future projects around my home!  

My partner and I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny just over 1 year ago. Back then, we started a thorough search for a wedding designer by interviewing some of the best talent California had to offer. When we met Jenny however, in a matter of minutes, it was evident that she was a true artist, with a love and passion for design. Moreover, Jenny is the most approachable and customer focused service provider we have ever come across. After meeting Jenny and listening to her explain to us her ideas, we were absolutely blown away. We pretty much hired her right on the spot. 
Jenny takes a lot of time to really understand her clients' needs, emotions and tastes. She has that unique ability to truly understand different people's ideas and visions and translate them into a single, top notch design, that actually blows your mind away.  We are currently in the process of purchasing a new home and although Jenny now resides in Boston, we would hire Jenny in a heart beat to help us design our home. She is just that AMAZING because she has that effortless ability to design just about anything. For anyone thinking of working with Jenny, I can't recommend her design work and personal skills enough. She's a super talented lady with amazing vision and artistry skills and she will actually stay within any budget you need to work with. Our wedding design was featured on online websites and various magazine publications and our guests' feedback was out of this world. Thank you Jenny.