Jun 20, 2019

Rad Resource: Bashian Rugs


Are you camp #coloralltheway or #neutraltotheend? I feel like a schizophrenic swaying from one side to the other.  So when I decided it was high time to refresh our neutral living room, I knew camp color was the answer.  I considered new pillows or colorful art which would all add a happy pop but when I spied this perfect shade of inky blue rug from Bashian Rugs I had my overwhelming answer.  


We are all accustomed to ordering furnishings online now, but don’t you always get a twinge of nervousness every time you hit the purchase button?  It’s a rug! Its huge! What if the color isn’t right, the pattern is too strong?   Most importantly I question the integrity of the quality.  I’ve had my missteps ordering rugs directly from Turkey from shops on Etsy.  I hold my breath till the day a new rug arrives.  

Yet, wow, this rug.  As it unrolled, the azure color filled our room and instantly charged the space.  Every point on my checklist hit: rich color, subtle cool pattern, uber soft & rich piling under foot.

It not only changes the look of the room, but the mood. I’ve adjusted the room to accommodate this stunning blast of blue.  Our blue pillows relocated to the kitchen, and I’ve brought charcoal, and black & white pillows into the couch styling.  Letting the modern art and rug carry the color story through this space.


Bashian Rugs

Rugs can be tricky ordering online, so I loved learning more about this family owned company. Bashian takes great pride in being the longest running, family-owned importer of handmade rugs in the U.S. since 1931. What began as an importer and creator of traditional fine handmade rugs has naturally evolved into a modern lifestyle brand.  The designers at Bashian have combined all of the elements of classic style with modern living. Their commitment to excellence and innovation, along with decades of experience, come through in each of their uniquely designed creations.

Website: http://www.bashianrug.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bashianrug/

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/BashianRug/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bashianrug