Sep 3, 2020

Rad Resource: Catavento

Do you run hot or run cold?  I am one of those people who can shiver on a summer day.  I am always cold.   As a result, I am a straight up blanket junkie and consider myself a connoisseur.  No matter the season, I am cuddled up.

A lighter blanket for breezy summer nights, a warmer blanket for cozying up by the fire on a winter day.   My musts:  quality, cozy quotient and style. 

Pampa Ultimate Merino Blanket in Ivory


I am so excited to share an amazing company, Catavento, that offers blankets that hit every element on my hit list + they are giving back in the world.  A feel good purchase all around.

I took a moment to learn more about this woman-owned company that puts value on giving back with their Buy One – Give One program.   Read on to learn more about this fab business in an interview with co-founder Virginia Moore. 

p.s. On a superficial note, I love the look of these blankets so much, I am adding them to all my installs this season.

Pampa Ultimate Merino Blanket in Smoke

Interview with Co-Owner Virgina Moore

Can you tell me more about the philosophy behind your business?

My sister Paulina and I founded the company. I am based in California overseeing Design, Marketing, and Sales; Paulina manages Operations working with our artisans in Buenos Aires. We started Catavento out of a shared curiosity for the cultures we experienced growing up traveling with our family. Our dad is an avid sailor and some of those journeys were on a sailboat, which inspired the name of our brand. Catavento means ‘telltale’, a thread placed on either side of a sail that helps us steer the direction of a boat. To us, this captures the idea of the path we are taking together in this new journey.

Ok, so I fell in love with your blankets for their style + comfort, but was so happy to read that your company prides yourself in sustainability AND giving back.   Can you share your process and philanthropic program?

 We are building Catavento on the foundation of:

1- Expertly handwoven pieces

2- Responsibly sourced, high quality yarns and

3- Giving back

The artisans we work with in Buenos Aires use traditional weaving techniques and our wool is sourced from local farms using innovative methods to sustain and rebuild the grasslands. We partner with Las Omas, a local NGO providing women with access to education and work opportunities. Amongst other projects, they are now sewing masks and protective equipment that manufacturing companies purchase for their staff. As part of our Buy One, Give One initiative we give a blanket to a child in need for every blanket sold.

Ok, I am in! I’ll take one in every color please. Enjoy your own purchase with a special 20% discount with code PALMANDPREP20 at Catavento