Jun 29, 2022

P&P SHOP Guide

Do I really have a home furnishings shop? Well, not really. BUT I do have an insanely curated-by-me, entirely shoppable platform that for the first time allows YOU access to the otherwise trade insiders-only home furnishing sources. Let me explain…

The P&P SHOP: Powered by SideDoor

The P&P SHOP is powered by SideDoor, a streamlined, one-stop-shop for top-tier, design industry-only brands. As a professional interior designer, SideDoor is an invaluable third party platform I use constantly, helping me to: simplify the procurement process; strengthen the Palm & Prep Client Experience; and (drumroll, please) share shop-it-yourself, direct product resources with YOU for the. first. time!

Finally, my beloved friends/social media fam/blogger buddies with great taste for high-end design but without the timeline, interest, area code, or budget to be a full-service Palm & Prep Design Client, can shop my designer favorites: TABLES, SEATING, SIDEBOARDS, OUTDOOR, BEDROOM, OFFICE, LIGHTING and DECOR. I mean, how fricking cool is that?!

This is all made possible by SideDoor doing the unglamorous heavy lifting. From the moment you are redirected from the P&P SHOP to SideDoor, it’s out of my hands. They are the intermediary between the product vendors and YOU, solely responsible for payment transaction, production updates, delivery/tracking, and customer service.

There’s not really a catch either. You pay market rates (same as you would if buying the product from a major home retailer) and if you end up making a purchase and kind enough to do so through my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission (same as other designer reward programs).

Let’s go shopping!

Here’s how to shop:

  1. Visit the P&P SHOP (www.palmandprep.com/shop) to browse my collections like you would any major home retailer.
  2. Click on a product to be connected to SideDoor from the P&P SHOP website. When redirected to my designer site on SideDoor, additional product images and product-specific information will be available to you. Continue browsing the entire collection in SideDoor (including items that do not appear on the P&P SHOP site) or return to the P&P SHOP to view other collections.

    To order merchandise, add items to cart, enter shipping and payment information, and finalize your purchase!
  3. COMING SOON: Shop on Instagram & Shop Jenny’s House
  4. COMING SOON-ISH: Shop the P&P Design Bar & Blog featuring complete imagined spaces, displayed visually as if in a client’s design presentation Look Book, to communicate mood, vibe, style recipe, and source guide.

Things I love + a helpful tip before you buy:

  • Cool feature alert: product availability is front + center. Each product displays the actual estimated production/shipping time, usually as “available in # weeks range”.
  • Awesome customer service: we constantly use the “chat” feature on the SideDoor site to request product updates and tracking information. Always quick, personable, and helpful responses, not just some ‘bot.
  • Price transparency: no artificially inflated/fabricated discounts on merchandise; rather, the prices shown are those set by the brand. Also, SideDoor does not mark up freight, shipping, and handling rates, using their purchasing power to negotiate fair rates for designers’ customers.
  • Tip: I highly recommend selecting “white glove delivery” if purchasing furniture. I made the mistake to opt out once and will forever regret handling that fun package on our own.

What questions do you have?