Apr 2, 2019

Rad Resource: Art To Frames


I have some wonderful vendors I’ve found along the way that I would like to start sharing with you in a regular blog series I am calling Rad Resource.


Problem: You’ve found a great print, but the size is irregular.  You look and look but to no avail, that size does not exist in the world.

Solution:  Input your print size into the customization section on Art to Frames and they do the calculations.  Voila, two weeks later you have a custom mat + frame.  Find a link to their custom frame section here.

Problem:  Custom framing is sooooo expensive.

Solution: Art to Frames is so affordable, I was able to go around my house and finish off some bare walls that have been nagging me.  I didn’t even need to check the budget with the hubs 😉

Problem: Glass glare. Now this might be a stronger issue for an instagrammer or blogger and yet I’ve always taken issue with a strong glare masking the view of beautiful art.

Solution:  Did you know there is Anti-Glare glass?  I’ve chosen this option in my floral art print.

And even better they’ve kindly extended a 15% discount to my followers with the code PALM15.  Let me know what you choose!

Stay tuned later this week as I’ll be posting a full reveal of our 3rd Floor Landing Project. In the meantime, a sneak peek of my art in which I solved all of my problems with Art to Frames.

Picture Frame Style: Industrial Iron with Compo

Floral Abstract Art: Acrylic on Paper by Blue Day Art

Picture Frame Style: Antique Black with Compo

Art: Artfully Walls


  1. Julie Carboneau says:

    Hey…it’s acrylic on paper 😘
    Frame is awesome