Aug 11, 2017

Welcome to Palm and Prep

Hello Friends!
How do you begin on day one, blog one, post one?  I know whomever reads this, you likely know me, right?  Lets be honest I am starting with a viewership of 5.

What do I have to offer a totally talented, completely saturated, already amazing design world?  Seriously?  That’s the question I keep asking myself as I embark on this new business journey.  Do I have the chops & breadth of experience of Studio McGee?  The cool factor & fan girl following of Amber Interiors? The poise, the time-consuming elegance of Martha?  Nope, I am none of those.

In fact the furthest from Martha, should I invite you to my home, I did not plot out your dinner menu for weeks.  I actually bought some cheats from Trader Joes, and maybe just maybe I stopped by the farmers market for something fresh in the mix.  My husband made you craft cocktails that he experimented on me long before you entered the door. The abundant flowers on my table are in a dozen clear vases paired with green clippings from the yard.  My kids are running around my feet. Those floors that are swept, are not mopped. Toys are hidden. In a very messy closet. What does this scene tell you?  I am a lazy OCD.

Entertaining and design should be light and lovely.  A hodge podge of things you love collected together.  Food for me, needs to be easy, but amazing.  The mood above all must breathe joy.  And that’s me.  I love pretty, I love easy, I love fun and I aim to guide you through styling your home, and your happy little events with ease, brightness, beauty, lots of wine and a touch of magic.

I speak of entertaining first, as this has been ten years of my life creating ambient wedding designs.  I am by nature of my experience a hostess at heart.  I will continue to find a wedding passion project along this path I am sure, but my hostess heart has led me away from creating your one night of perfect beauty to creating a space you can enjoy always, long after crossing my path. Years of designing weddings, my own home, and dozens of friend’s rooms has led me to a love of interior design.  Now join my journey as I learn along with you.   I don’t pretend to be a master.  This is fresh and exciting for me.  I want to tap into my deepest self to create something new and vibrant. I am incorporating techniques I discovered designing weddings to delve into the core of who my clients are to create home designs that feel like an elevated version of self. Who you were, who you are right this moment, and whom you hope to be.  And I can’t wait for us to take this adventure together.

my little tribe // photo by Bryan Miller Photo


  1. Melissa says:

    Congratulations! You always had the ability to spread a little bit of magic everywhere you went. You are truly talented and I love following the journey you are on.

  2. Sue Mullen says:

    This is lovely. Jenny. Your beautiful spirit and amazing creativity shine through in your message. I can’t wait to see what is yet to come. Congratulations and happy designing!