Oct 11, 2017

ORC: Week 2

I romanticize everything I do.  I had dreamy visions of daily happy endings as each task was completed with ease and perfection.  Every piece of furniture placed in its home as if meant to be. Alas, not so much.

Day one of wallpaper installation had my dad, mom (i.e installer and assistant installer) and myself jumping around the house with glee.  The wallpaper is amazing, everything I dreamed of.

Day two of intsall, not so much joy as we realized I did not order enough due to the repeat pattern.  Our hearts ripped down along with the last strip my dad had to tear down.   We await a new roll to ship.

On a happier note, I love this before and after peekaboo into the room.
(sorry for blinding you with the boob light on)


Then back to another heartbreaker.  The beloved chair I wanted was no longer available when I finally went to order it.  Honestly please learn from my procrastination. If you love something deep down inside, if you think about it every day for months.  Um, it should probably be a YES GIRL, BUY it sign.  So back to the drawing board.   After going google-crazy I found a very similar chair, but as a custom order I have no chance of receiving this beauty by reveal day.  Boohoo.

A weird part of this design process for me is that I don’t live in my house yet.  We should be moving into this house some time during the ORC process.  (BEGGING the contractor gods that this be so).  For the time being I am guessing at what each room wants, at its spatiality, of how all rooms in the 3 story house will tie together.  As a result I’ve ordered a lot of rugs, and made many rug mistakes.  I could open a rug shop with my beautiful-but-mistake rugs.  I was trying to determine if I could use one of those for the master to spare money. Love the look, but it was meant for my family room and is looking busy with the wallpaper.

My “helpful” sister nudged me to get a new super yummy rug I had my eye on. So welcome the newest member of the ever-growing Minns family of rugs…

Despite my whining, I am still excited about the gift this room will be when its done. Lets be real.  I’ve been living in a basement at my parents house for 4 months.   This will be paradise found the day I plop my head on the pillow to really sleep here.

Next week: continue layering the details I’ve ordered. Stay tuned for full source list of big ticket items.

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  1. drama with wallpaper!! LOVE it! Super excited to seeing lots of people using wallpaper in their makeover. Liking your bed choice as well.

    • jenniferminns says:

      Thank-you and excuse me sir, YOUR wallpaper choice is amaze. Cant wait to see it all together. Digging the Med Boutique vibe, I just designed a wedding this year embracing that vibe and its just a dreamy setting to create. 🙂 Look forward to your final room reveal!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous wallpaper!! And I totally hear you on procrastination. I ordered furniture for my room, but it won’t get here until the very end of October, and the bedding is backordered until after the reveal. Oh well, next time we’ll do better, right?!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Thank-you so much! Ugh bummer about your own sad late arrival. We shall prevail! 😉 LOVING your daughters room color palate AND that dreamy mix of patterns you’ve chosen. Happy designing!

  3. The wallpaper looks amazing!! Crossing fingers for replacement roll, chair find, and rug win! Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

    • jenniferminns says:

      Thank-you, phew on the wallpaper for the win. Thanks for the kind words, and speaking of words, found myself on your blog seriously dying laughing. Love you even though I don’t know you 😉 Best wishes on your room too!!

  4. Vel says:

    Aahhhhh! We’re using the same lovely wall paper for the bedroom, although yours is looking amazing, mine is still not installed and I’m not doing the entire wall with it! This room for sure is gonna be gorgeous! Excited to follow along!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Hello! So fun to watch another bedroom with this wallpaper. Thanks for saying hello! Wallpaper is soooo good right? Worth the splurge I think. Love your bedside tables, that was my first instinct to add white campaign and kinda regretting that I went blue. Anyways….good luck and happy designing!