Oct 19, 2017

ORC Week 3

How is everyone else doing?? Happy, frustrated, excited, sleepless, broke? All of the above? I am loving feeling the collective energy of over 200 designers attempting a makeover at once. What an amazing forum for designers to cheer each other on, wallow together in misery, and celebrate our fabulous craziness at the finish line. More awesome transformations to stalk at One Room Challenge sponsored by House Beautiful.

Pleased to report we have a completed wallpaper situation over here. The bed has been assembled (love her), rug chosen & placed (harder than that sounds under already assembled bed), and the much-toiled-over curtains installed.

Highly impressed with the hubby who took on the job of moving the chandelier electrical box in the ceiling. Here’s a shot mid way through.

I am head over heels in love with the wallpaper choice at this point. The chandelier now makes my heart skip a beat too.

With the iron bed, bold wallpaper pattern, striped curtain, and strong chandelier presence I think the rest of the layering will need to be quiet and peaceful choices. I normally love pattern rugs but I chose a dreamy squishy cloud of white instead. Don’t just take my word for it…

Click here for my cutie demonstrating: carpet snow angels

Probably the most tumultuous decision was the window treatment.I didn’t want to take away from the wallpaper, nor the beautiful windows. Something was tugging inside to pick a pattern. I think the stripe curtain ultimately adds a unique layer, but also plays nice with the linear image of the wallpaper pattern. Did a happy dance when they were installed. (I’ll share curtains + feature wall in final photos, for now a pic on the white wall)

So time to share my source list of new beauties. I am sure this is not news to you reader, but I love finding a great deal on a product just because its in the kids department. I often source lighting & furniture from Restoration Hardware Baby and Pottery Barn Kids. Normal size, great impact, even better price. Love my dresser and chandelier both found this way.

Anyhoo, the source list of purchased elements:

1) Washed Wood Indigo Nightstand // Anthropologie

2) 19th Century French Iron Canopy Bed //Restoration Hardware

3) Remi Pendant // Restoration Hardware

4) Safavieh Silken Glam Paris Rug // Overstock

5) Heath Chair in Bermuda // High Fashion Home

6) Riviera Stripe Roman Shade // Pottery Barn

7) Standing Mirror // West Elm

8) Rosalie Extra Wide Dresser // Pottery Barn Kids

Now comes the truly difficult last minute part of my ORC. I had already chosen most of these key elements before the challenge began. The important little layers that make a bedroom magic have not been chosen. Art! Lights! Bedding! Choosing these in real time within a restricted time frame is stressing me out. Normally this is my favorite part of the design process so I need to flip the script on my brain and get excited. And truth time. I have no money left for styling fun. I was given a budget for an eleven room house, and I saved the master for last. Poor planning. I am tapped out. Tomorrow we move in our home, and I will have to shop my own décor that’s been packed away in boxes for months. Giving myself a pep talk that my past self will provide a plethora of goodies to shop from. We shall see. Enter: my favorite Paris flea find, old lamp, and who knows what else.

On a personal note, I am on a train I cannot jump off. A track leading me straight towards my 40th birthday on 11/11. In a panic, I did the only normal thing to do while in the middle of a move and a home makeover. I bought tickets for Florence Italy on November 8th. So now my makeover timeline shrinks.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. (And if you are a fellow ORC participant you can too!)

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  1. oh looks so good! the bed, wallpaper, the chandelier, and the roman blind … everything is so elegant and relaxed … perfect for a restful bedroom!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Ewe hate my newbie skills that somehow I did not hit “reply” on my response. Thanks for your kind words! And loving watch your room unfold!! Happy ORC Week 5

  2. Wallpaper fabulous! Don’t fret – we are all right there with you on the budget. Shop your house – you will be surprised how fresh things look after being in storage!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Nothing like responding TWO weeks later! :/ Sorry! Thanks for the support. Your blog + room has me charmed. Following along! And you were right about my goodies from storage. Felt like reuniting with old friends. 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    Hey Jenny!
    I found your blog while uploading my own ORC link.

    Can’t even lie, this room has me swooning already! From what I’ve seen so far, I am 0% concerned about this bedroom not having “magic”. It’s going to be gorgeous.

    • jenniferminns says:

      Kat, you are so sweet for leaving this message. I am about to upload the next blog post, that feels ho-hum, as does the room at this moment and you’ve given me the burst of belief I needed. THANK-YOU!!