Jan 30, 2023

Oh blog, it has been too long.  We are in the middle of planning a restoration and renovation of our old home and its time I bring you in on the process!   Let’s start at the beginning.  We manifested this house.  Without a shadow of a doubt, every step surrounding the securing of our magical home makes me […]

Mar 14, 2022

Enter, my toughest client to date: my 9-year-old daughter, Belle. What does a designer normally do when hired by a client who does not share their color palette or aesthetic? The answer (for good reason) is run!  In this case, however, my client is my sweet, darling daughter and her bedroom in our new home is completely […]

Dec 2, 2019

Welcome to the King of Christmas Parade of Trees Blog Tour!  Thank-you for joining me after viewing Rachel’s magical tree at Cherry Street Blossoms. You’ve landed yourself in my old Victorian home just outside of Boston.   Come take a peek at my first ever fake tree, and find out why I am now a convert.  I’ve been […]

Nov 22, 2019

I had one of those wonderful work days when you sit at your desk in the zone, forgetting to eat lunch, refill your water or take care of basic human needs. After a long day in my 3rd floor nook I walked downstairs to find my hubs had gotten a wild hair. Our twins’ ugly […]

Sep 23, 2019

Thank-you for joining the Brilliant Colors of Fall Home Tour arranged by the sweetest Mansa of This is Simplicite! Hopefully you’ve just enjoyed a stroll through 31girlathome Andrea’s beautiful fall home tour. Welcome to our home!  We live in a coastal town nestled along the ocean a few miles from the city of Boston. New England was […]

Jun 27, 2019

Oh, the guest room. Arguably one of the most important rooms in your home, as your guests will be experiencing the house from the perspective of this space. Your guest room is their little home base in the world while they are visiting. Why then has it always gotten all of my leftovers? One by […]

Jun 20, 2019

LIVING ROOM: ONE PIECE REFRESH Are you camp #coloralltheway or #neutraltotheend? I feel like a schizophrenic swaying from one side to the other.  So when I decided it was high time to refresh our neutral living room, I knew camp color was the answer.  I considered new pillows or colorful art which would all add […]

Apr 9, 2019

If you already know, you know.  If you have yet to be introduced to Eclectic Goods, you. are. welcome. This week’s Rad Resource is an online store run by an amazing woman, Denise (and she’s a twin momma!) out of Southern California. Denise combines her skills as an interior designer + coastal Cali girl + bohemian […]

Apr 4, 2019

Nothing is perfect in this house.  The house has been lived in, tweaked and added on to for 130 years. But that’s the charm of it for me.  Little narrow passages, hidden staircases, mysterious doors and cubbies.  Victorian woodworking, glass doorknobs and iron pulls. Simple little moments around every corner where all the layers both […]

Apr 2, 2019

RAD RESOURCE: Art To Frames I have some wonderful vendors I’ve found along the way that I would like to start sharing with you in a regular blog series I am calling Rad Resource. First up… ART TO FRAMES Problem: You’ve found a great print, but the size is irregular.  You look and look but […]