Oct 26, 2017

ORC: Week 4

Hooray! I can hear the sound of the One Room Challenge world sighing. First time in the history of ORC the reveal date has been moved one week further. For me this might bring the chair we thought wouldn’t have a chance of arriving on time! And, now I can enjoy my birthday week!!

The room is chugging along. Truth be told, it feels stalled as I await finishing touches, and back-ordered furniture. But this week is not without some developments to report. Disclaimer: pretty please forgive my bad photos/editing this week. I’ve had little access to my room as painters worked on painting the stair wells and finishing the house.

While I love neutrals, I can also be drawn to the razzle dazzle of patterns and color. I am sort of a design schizophrenic in this way. My pinerest boards tend to be all dreamy, bright and airy neutral rooms but my homes end up filled with pattern and bursts of color. One place, however, where neutrals are a must in my rooms are in the bedding. This bedroom has bold wallpaper patterns that scream to be balanced with lightness. Weekly visits to Target and Home Goods have amassed my winning color assortment of toss pillows. Actual pillows yet to be determined from the collection of 50 on my floor but the layering of champagne, white and ivory is making my eyes happy. Long ago chosen West Elm Belgium Linen duvet and Anthropologie lumbar pillow are the anchors. Our recent anniversary trip to Nantucket resulted in the gifting of the coveted chunky throw. Obsessed.

Here’s a peek at one of the pillow mixes. Although just this morning I’ve switched this up AGAIN. And a question, does anyone have a trick to keep Belgium Linen from wrinkling?

Please just explain to my husband why our nightly pillow removal routine takes 15 minutes. For the glory of toss pillows! #pillowhoarder

This mornings mix is casual and more honest to our living style. Just the Euros + our sleeping king pillows + lumbar. Which would you choose: abundant mix of pillow with a touch more formality, or casual mix including the pillow we actually use at night? (read: easier to make and un-make bed)

It would be straight up weird not to mention the biggest development of all. We moved in our home!! Last Friday was our first time sleeping here. This house has come so far from the day I first laid eyes on her. A malleable raw beauty of a home that has become our perfect family space after much loving manipulation. I’ve been documenting this journey on my Instagram should you wish to follow along with the progress. We’ve been falling in love with every nook and cranny or our old Victorian as we settle into life living here.

Back at the hefty to do list, which sadly does not include just this room but an entire household that requires shushing. (Says I, with a big fat smile on my face).

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  1. Kristen says:

    Your home is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! And I love what you are doing with the bedroom! Congrats on moving in!

  2. Joan S says:

    I just found your blog and have read every post. I enjoy your writing style, and look forward to following along! Your ORC room is beautiful. I’m anxious to see the final result!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Hello Joan, thank-you for taking the time to not only read my post, but also to leave your kind comment. You just made my day! I look forward to our future design adventures! Happy Sunday!