Nov 2, 2017

ORC: Week 5

Hello from my fully unpacked and almost completely settled home! Trying to get my kids to leave the house now is nearly impossible. School, playground, a toy store splurge nor Disneyland would entice them out the door. They have a space all their own again and they are claiming it! We are all happy nestling into the nooks and crannies of this house and discovering its uniquely charming vibe in each space.

Living in my ORC bedroom is allowing me to finish the space in a much more personal manner. Final layers of styling have chosen themselves as I realized some elements we needed. A bench for putting on shoes for my husband, a vanity desk for me.

We have a strange layout with an intermediary space that is part closet, part changing area that connects the bedroom to the master bath. In need of a space to get gussied up, I am adding this to my ORC make-over.

Our new bedroom now has three white walls and the feature wallpaper wall. I want this weird dressing area space to have its own moment. In a perfect world I would have wallpapered this space too. Budget-friendly alternative is to find a dark charcoal paint color closely matching the color in the wallpaper. I narrowed down to the following paint choices:

Winner winner chicken dinner: Kendall Charcoal.

Want to see this completely disgusting little area before we worked on it? EWE the carpet!
 …and now…
 One more of the grossness that once was.
…much better…
Looking into the bedroom from the dressing area.

From the bedroom.  Ah the wallpaper paired with that paint color!! Happy dance!

Swapping out knobs on the closet doors with these.

For my vanity I’d like to find a vintage piece at some point. Short on time, I’ve bought a desk that will be perfect in my son’s room once I find my perfect match. I do this often. Find furniture (or art) that I know will work in two spaces while I await the meant-to-be piece. For now this desk has clean lines and is the perfect size for my dressing room.

I am a straight up chair hoarder. Vintage or new, I fall in love daily. When we sold our last house with the furniture in it, the only exclusions I declared was a collection of my chairs. I normally have no spot in particular for them, and there is just an army of chairs sitting in our attic. One of the soldiers will take residence in this spot. Stay tuned on reveal day for the pick.

Well, next week’s blog post I’ll be hitting “publish” somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Florence. It’s a crazy week ahead including finishing the master bedroom, packing, and mentally preparing my heart for turning 40 on 11/11. At least I’ll be swimming in a big bowl of pasta with shaved truffle on top, and drinking vino rosso while processing it all.

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  1. love the charcoal walls and that roman blind is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the entire place in 2 weeks!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Thank-you Tim, happy ORC week 5 to you. Look forward to see your final details on already gorg room.

  2. Meg says:

    I love the contrast, especially with a that wallpaper!!! Our front door exterior side is Iron Mountain but it’s from a different brand so it actually looks more like what the Wrought Iron looks like here. I love it!

    • jenniferminns says:

      Hi Meg! Thank-you! The wallpaper + paint make me so happy! Any of those charcoals are pretty aren’t they? Love your entry door color btw!! Yay for picking the right paint choice first time around. 🙂

  3. The darker color is a great contrast with the paper – everything just flows! Can’t wait for the final reveal. (Neither can my husband! He is officially ‘over’ our ORC project. ha!)

    • jenniferminns says:

      Thank-you! And poor husbands. They need a vaca, or a stiff drink or at minimum a weekend with no hunny-do lists after this is all over!! Happy final week to you!